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Crunchyroll Will Stream Chainsaw Man Anime This Year!

Chainsaw Man is currently the most anticipated anime and one of the most demanded anime from studio Mappa. It’s been more than a year since the manga ended and the excitement among fans keeps on increase as the new information about Chainsaw Man anime surfaces online. The release date for Chainsaw Man anime is not out yet and Crunchyroll already announced that they will stream the series.

On May 16, Crunchyroll posted on their Twitter handle that they will simulcast the episodes of upcoming Chainsaw Man anime set to release later this year.

Many information including the trailer of Chainsaw Man anime are already out and only remaining thing is the release date. According to many leaks, Chainsaw Man anime will make its way to the streaming platforms in October. But let’s just wait for the information from the franchise itself.

Moreover, for the fans who are waiting for Chainsaw Man manga part 2 there’s a good news. The second part of Chainsaw Man manga, which will feature the school arc, will release in early Summer 2022. That means in next few months there’s going to be an announcement for manga part 2.

Mappa studio is going to do the animation for Chainsaw Man anime and their name is enough to generate the hype. Ryƫ Nakayama is directing Chainsaw Man at MAPPA, and Hiroshi Seko is writing the scripts.

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