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Japan is No Longer Best Anime Maker!

Recently in an interview by Real Economy, a Japanese business outlet, we got some crazy statements from Yoshiyuki Tomino. All statements from him is telling that Japan loosing it’s leadership as best anime creator.

Yoshiyuki Tomino is one of the biggest face in anime industry in Japan. He is a Japanese mecha anime creator, animator, director, screenwriter, songwriter and novelist. Best known for his transformation of the super robot genre into the real robot genre with “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

Yoshiyuki Tomino

So, he interviewed by Real Economy and he left with some controversial statements. He said “Japan is no longer an advanced country in terms of animation.”

He mentioned that China is evolving in department of animation and is doing better than Japan. On the other hand, Japan is lacking support from politicians and the government.

Yoshiyuki Tomino said “If Japan continues to make anime with a single-minded focus on the business angle, there’s a risk that we’ll lose to the animators in Beijing,”. he cautioned. “However, I have no intention of throwing a bone to people who attended my speech. I don’t want to come up short. Nonetheless, I want you to be aware that Japan is no longer the world’s leading animation country. Despite this, neither the media nor the corporate worlds are aware of it.”

The Chinese government are heavily promoting the domestic animation industry. In comparison, he said, Japanese politicians act as if they are “trapped 30 or 40 years in the past.”

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