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Cell Is Officially Coming Back In DBS: Super Hero Movie But With A Twist!

After dropping few more teasers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the excitement among fans for the movie is increasing exponentially. As the release date for movie is coming closer, more and more leaks are starting to surface from reliable sources. One of the biggest & shocking leak among them is the return of Cell as the main villain in DBS: Super Hero.

This is not a secret anymore, the entire Dragon Ball community is aware that Cell is coming back in Dragon Ball super: Super Hero. The confirmation about this came from many reliable sources like Geekdom, DBS_chronicles and DbsHype.

Now let’s begin the real talk, this version of Cell in the movie is named as “Cell Max”. It’s a new version of Cell with advanced technology, much stronger than the previous cell.

DBS chronicles tweeted a concept art of what this new cell’s gonna look like. However, this is not what cell will actually look like. This is a concept art of Cell Max and it might be way different in the movie:

Now, what interesting about this “Cell Max” is that he doesn’t absorb any Android, Saiyan or human. But that doesn’t mean he don’t absorb anything, he absorbs just one thing which is not known to us.

There is one more leak spreading around that the human version of Android 21 or the human that Android 21 is based off supposed to make a cameo in this film. If this is true, it won’t be a major thing but a little cameo.

Now let’s just wait and see what else they have in the movie! Comment down what do you think about Cell in DBS: Super Hero movie. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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