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Did One Piece Episode 1000 Broke The Internet?

One piece broke the internet? Crunchyroll Crashed
Did one piece really broke the internet and crashed Crunchyroll?

Did One Piece episode 1000 really crashed Crunchyroll servers or broke the internet? Last time we heard about Crunchyroll crash was by Dragon Ball Super. I got some points covered in this article about the “Crunchyroll Crashed” thing going around.

One Piece episode 1000 released on November 21st, 2021. The episode was titled “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together!”. Luffy wants to defeat Kaido, so he goes to the place where Kaido is.

Despite how long One Piece has been going on, the popularity of the series has not decreased one bit. Recently, it was announced that the series will be getting a live action series from Netflix, and the creator of the series is also involved in the process of production.

Let’s talk about “Breaking the internet” thing now!

So, after the release of One Piece 1000 episode fans went to twitter and overflowed it with appreciations. One Piece was trending all the day long on Twitter.

Some fans also claimed that One Piece episode 1000 “broke the internet” (crashed Crunchyroll servers). Here are some tweets:

Showed screenshot
One Piece trending worldwide

Okay so, One Piece did crashed Crunchyroll or may be not?

The thing is, there’s no proof (solid proof) that One Piece Crashed Crunchyroll because if you look carefully on the screenshot you can see copyrighted 2006-2018 written(the time when Dragon Ball Super broke the servers). So basically fans are just sharing old screenshot.

One piece broke the internet

And about the other screenshot (the black one). If you look at the URL ( it simple don’t exist, this URL will just redirect you to the maine Crunchyroll website.

One piece broke the internet and Crunchyroll sevrers

what was the need of using a beta site of Crunchyroll? Unless you want screen like this because beta version is just a in progress work.

There was no info from Crunchyroll about the crash or anything. Many fans also claiming that their Crunchyroll was working fine during the One Piece episode 1000 airing. When Dragon Ball Super crashed Crunchyroll servers Funimation came upfront and apologized for the server down issue.

There’s one possibility, that the Crash was happened in some specific countries. Same thing happened with Boruto in France when Naruto used Baryon Mode for the first time.


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