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MAPPA’s New Anime is About Animators Life | “Zenshu” by Mappa

This new original anime by Studio MAPPA is what making everyone excited as this anime will show a life of an animator. “Zenshu” is the name of this new anime and a new trailer for this anime has also been revealed along with the release date.

We have been watching the works of animators in the form of full fledged anime but we have no idea how many hours animators are putting in to make an anime this good. “Zenshu” will show us an insightful story about the struggles of an animator.

Here’s the trailer of Zenshu by Mappa:

For those who don’t know, the director of “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2” episode director, Mitsue Yamazaki is also involved in the development of this anime.

MAPPA Studios also shared a summary of the series to provide further context for the Zenshu anime trailer. According to the studio’s description of the series:

The show is about Natsuko Hirose, who becomes an animator right after high school. She’s really good at it and ends up directing a romantic comedy movie about first love. The problem is, Natsuko has never been in love herself, so she’s struggling to grasp the idea, which puts the whole project on hold.

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