One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers & Brief Summary | Adventure In Realm Of Science

Just like every week, the spoilers & summary of One Piece manga chapter 1062 have arrived just in time. For those who can’t wait for the official release of manga, you are at right place as we have covered the Spoilers & Summary of One Piece chapter 1062.

So the leaks have arrived for the latest manga chapter 1062 of One Piece and the chapter is titled as “ADVENTURE IN THE REALM OF SCIENCE”. More Spoilers came from reddit are below.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Summary & Spoilers

  • Chapter 1062 is titled as: “Adventure In The Realm Of Science.”
  • On The Cover, Chocolate Town Is Covered In Ice.
  • Bonney Reveals That His Father (Bartholomew Kuma) Was Turned Into A Weapon By Vegapunk.
  • Because Of How Busy He Is, There Are 6 Different Vegapunk.
  • The Cpo Agents Go To Kill Vegapunk, Along With Them Is Kuma’s “Seraphim”.

No full summary from Redon this week. Here’s his message:

“Although I can’t write the complete summary, I will try to at least post a longer and more detailed Spoiler (if no one has done it before).” – Redon.

Brief leaks of chapter 1062 :

  • Lucci And kaku and stussy sent to kill vegapunk
  • Seraph kuma has no devil fruit power, which meens serphs cannot copy kuma devil fruit
  • The other punks have there own free will and traits
  • VegaPunk 02 is kind of evil
  • Cp0 after VegaPunk because World Government and higher up there, thinks he knows too much
  • Lucci, and kaku and stussy new mission is to kill vegapunk
  • Cp0 and seraph kuma are hidding in egg head island
  • Cover story bit of coco island being an iced

One Piece Chapter 1062 Release Date & Where To Read

As per the sources the One Piece chapter 1062 will be releasing on October 10th. It can vary considering the different time zones.

The newest One Piece chapter 1061 is arriving on Viz or else you can use Shueisha’s English manga, Mangaplus.

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