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Could You Survive in the ‘Attack on Titan’ World? Find Out In This Quiz!

Welcome to the ‘Attack on Titan’ survival quiz! Answer 12 questions and discover your fate. Will you be a Fighter, Strategist, Adaptable Survivor, Team Player, or Cautious Survivor?

To play the quiz, scroll a little down and tap on “let’s Play” button below the advertisement!

Face challenging scenarios and make choices that reflect your instincts in the ‘Attack on Titan’ world. Choose wisely as your decisions determine your personality result. Are you a fearless Fighter, strategic Strategist, adaptable survivor, team player, or cautious survivor?

Receive a personality result that reveals your survival prospects. Are you prepared to face the Titans and navigate the challenges that come your way? Take the quiz now and find out if you have what it takes to survive in the ‘Attack on Titan’ world! Good luck!

Embark on this thrilling quiz and put your survival instincts to the test. Can you outsmart the Titans and make it out alive? Take the quiz now and discover your fate in the ‘Attack on Titan’ world! Are you ready to face the Titans head-on or rely on your wits to adapt? Find out now and share your results with fellow fans!

  • Question of

    When faced with a difficult situation, what is your initial reaction?

    • Stand your ground and face it head-on.
    • Strategize and come up with a plan of action.
    • Assess the situation and adapt accordingly.
    • Seek help and support from others.
    • Feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed.
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    How do you handle fear or stress in high-pressure situations?

    • Channel your fear into determination and focus on the task at hand.
    • Stay calm and composed, relying on your training and experience.
    • Use humor or distraction to alleviate stress.
    • Lean on others for emotional support.
    • Find it challenging to cope with fear or stress.
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    What is your approach to teamwork and collaboration?

    • Take charge and lead the team.
    • Contribute your expertise and work closely with others.
    • Adapt to the team dynamics and contribute where needed.
    • Prefer to work independently but can collaborate when required.
    • Struggle with teamwork and prefer to work alone.
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    How do you handle risk and uncertainty?

    • Embrace risks and take calculated chances.
    • Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making decisions.
    • Adapt to the situation and make decisions based on the available information.
    • Seek advice from others and consider multiple perspectives.
    • Feel uncomfortable with risks and uncertainty, and avoid them whenever possible.
  • Question of

    What is your attitude towards rules and authority?

    • Follow rules and authority without question.
    • Respect rules and authority but question when necessary.
    • Evaluate rules and authority based on their effectiveness.
    • Question rules and authority and prefer to make your own decisions.
    • Disregard rules and authority and do things your own way.
  • Question of

    How do you handle setbacks or failures?

    • Learn from failures and use them as opportunities to improve.
    • Analyze failures to understand what went wrong and adjust accordingly.
    • Accept failures as part of the process and move on.
    • Seek support from others and learn from their feedback.
    • Struggle to cope with failures and feel discouraged.
  • Question of

    What is your preferred combat style against Titans?

    • Aggressive and confrontational, using brute force to defeat Titans.
    • Tactical and strategic, utilizing your knowledge of Titan weak spots.
    • Quick and agile, relying on speed and maneuverability to outsmart Titans.
    • Defensive and cautious, prioritizing self-preservation while avoiding direct confrontation.
    • Avoid combat with Titans as much as possible, preferring other roles.
  • Question of

    How do you handle limited resources, such as food and supplies?

    • Share resources equally among all members, ensuring everyone’s basic needs are met.
    • Ration resources based on priority and necessity.
    • Adapt to scarcity by finding alternative sources or strategies.
    • Share resources with those in need but also prioritize your own survival.
    • Prioritize your own survival and resources, regardless of others.
  • Question of

    What is your communication style with others?

    • Direct and assertive, expressing your opinions and ideas clearly.
    • Diplomatic and persuasive, using communication to build consensus and resolve conflicts.
    • Adaptive and flexible, adjusting your communication style based on the situation and audience.
    • Supportive and empathetic, listening to others and offering emotional support.
    • Introverted and reserved, preferring to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.
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    How do you handle betrayal or betrayal-like situations?

    • Confront the situation head-on and take decisive action.
    • Seek to understand the reasons behind the betrayal and respond accordingly.
    • Assess the situation and adapt your approach to minimize the impact of betrayal.
    • Seek support from trusted individuals and evaluate your options carefully.
    • Struggle to trust others again and may become cautious or withdrawn.
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    How do you view the Titans and their origins?

    • View Titans as a threat to humanity that must be eradicated at all costs.
    • Believe that Titans are a mystery that needs to be unravelled for the greater good.
    • Acknowledge the danger of Titans but also consider the possibility of coexistence.
    • Have mixed feelings towards Titans, understanding their origin but also cautious of their threat.
    • Hold sympathy or compassion towards Titans, viewing them differently from others.
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    How do you cope with the harsh realities of the ‘Attack on Titan’ world?

    • Face the harsh realities head-on and do what needs to be done to survive.
    • Find solace in the companionship and support of others.
    • Adapt and evolve to the changing circumstances of the world.
    • Seek moments of joy and hope amidst the darkness.
    • Struggle to cope with the harsh realities and may feel overwhelmed or despair.

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