Solo Leveling Anime Was a Flop In Japan? Here are the sales

Solo Leveling anime is going big in international countries and its market but this is not the same for Japan. In this article we are gonna discuss how Solo Leveling anime doesn’t met the expectations in Japan’s market and ended up as a flop.

Based on Oricon’s data, which monitors Blu-ray and DVD sales in Japan, Solo Leveling was absent from the top 20 highest-selling titles for the week spanning March 25th to March 31st.

Solo Leveling’s modest sales figures were not alone down there, few well-known anime titles, including Undead Unluck and Shangri-La Frontier. Despite the conventional belief among fans that Blu-ray/DVD sales indicate the likelihood of future anime seasons, both Shangri-La Frontier and Solo Leveling have already confirmed second seasons.

Solo Leveling’s underwhelming sales in Japan could come from various factors. The manhwa, crafted by Jang Sung-rak, was initially tailored for a South Korean audience, potentially leading to a smaller established fanbase in Japan in comparison to domestically produced series.

Furthermore, Solo Leveling’s remarkable performance on MyAnimeList, garnering over 250,000 user ratings and an impressive score of 8.35/10, underscores its widespread appeal and success transcending Japan’s boundaries.

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Source: Oricon