DBS: Super Hero Debuts Gohan’s New Form | “Final Gohan”

In the new movie, Dragon Ball franchise is finally giving Gohan the spotlight he deserves and once again Piccolo & Gohan duo is all set to play the lead role in defeating the villain. Moreover, DBS: Super Hero is giving Gohan a new form known as ‘Final Gohan’ and ‘Gohan Blanco’ in the community.

As you all know Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is finally screening in the theaters of Japan and many fans have already watched it. There’s one thing common among the reviews of fans who’ve watched the movie, that DBS: Super Hero *far* exceeded their expectations. It’s quite the Gohan fan service if you adore the character and fans would love watching him make the comeback.

Some reviews from fans:

Final Gohan / Gohan Blanco: Gohan’s New Form

You must have came through many spoilers about Gohan getting a new form and that Gohan Blanco is a fact now. Remember back in the days when Goku used Master Ultra Instinct and many white haired Gohan fan arts started surfacing? Well that’s the new form Gohan unlocks in new movie.

Here are some scenes captured from DBS: Super Hero theater run in Japan:

Gohan new transformation has the same look as his Super Saiyan 2 when he fought Cell. Honestly, many scenes from the movie will give you Cell saga vibes but everything is seems much better and sick.

There is one more leak coming out and it’s a dialogue backed up by sources. Gohan is stated to say “Even if dad and vegeta were here i don’t know if we would’ve survived”. Keep in mind this movie is after the manga & is confirmed canon, so does that makes Gohan stronger than them?

Honestly, this movie is packed with many action scenes and is releasing worldwide this summer, around August. Are you excited for the movie tho? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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