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DBS: Super Hero Movie First 5 Minutes Officially Released By Toei!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is going crazy in theaters and fans are eagerly waiting for its release in their nearby theaters. Meanwhile, to make sure people stay on the board of the hype train Toei just officially released first 5 minutes video from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie!

To celebrate 1 million people seeing the movie in theaters, DBS: SUPER HERO’s first 5 minutes footage has been officially released on Toei’s channel with more footage set to come.

The new released video is embedded below this paragraph. However, the video is not entire 5 minutes but covered all essential scenes.

The original video Toei released is geo-blocked, meaning it’s only available in Japan. It is not just DBS, many Japan anime industry YT channels do this. So use Japan VPN to access the official channel and watch the full 5 minutes video. “Here’s the link for official 5 minutes clip”.

As of June 23rd, DBS: SUPER HERO has earned 1.36 Billion Yen ($10.1 Million) since its release and still increasing. The movie will be releasing globally starting from August in English dub and sub.

What do you think about the first 5 minutes from DBS: Super Hero? Fans be saying that they should’ve kept the same animation for the movie too. What you feel about that? free to comment down and let us know. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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