My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 349 Summary And Spoilers

My Hero Academia is getting heated up with coming manga chapter and this one, chapter 349 is one of the crucial one. In this chapter many things happened and the most important one is the meeting between Dabi and Shoto. In this chapter Dabi decides that it’s finally time to tell everything happened to him, the true origin of Dabi.

Here is the summary of Chapter 349 of My Hero Academia:

The chapter starts with Deku flying over the ocean with a combination of Float and Fa Jin. He is moving forward using Air Force, flicking the air to propel himself, but he is not as fast as he would like. There’s also no spots in the ocean where he can coil the black whip, so the faux 100% is also out of question.

Suddenly, ghost of the second user appears and tells Deku not to lose his composure. His suit is not capable of withstanding the 100% of One for All, so it wouldn’t be wise to damage it before he even reaches the battlefield. The second then asks him to trust his friends and take the safest path, even if it means taking a little longer to get there.

Now we cut to Toga, Uraraka and froppy are relieved that Deku is gone safely but Toga seems to lose patience and reaches to her bag taking out the twice blood sample. Uraraka says that she will do everything in her power to stop her while doing a cool pose.

The True Origin Of Dabi

The scene then cuts to Kamino, where huge flames consume the city. A giant Noumu is creating huge needles and expelling them, giving the heroes a hard time. Dabi is hanging from the All Might statue while smiling, saying that he feels nostalgic because this sea of fire reminds him of the chaos in Hosu. Iida comes across a spiral of flames and shouts Shouto’s name.

Dabi looked at the heroes and says, all of those those heroes and sidekicks here to take me down. He tells Shoto that his father manipulated him but Shoto replies that he came in by his free will.

Shouto asks why he has not returned home if he survived the fire on Sekoto Peak. And Touya decides that it is finally time to tell everything that happened to him, the true origin of Dabi.

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