Dabi (Touya) About To Reveal His True Backstory To Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia manga is about to kick into high gear with the release of manga chapter 349. The reason behind so much hype is the reveal of Dabi (Touya) backstory and how he got to this point. However, the chapter ends at the point where Dabi asks Shoto if he wants to hear his true backstory.

As you know My Hero Academia is near to its end, running on last saga. I just love how horikoshi (the creator) is not rushing the manga, he is solving the queries of the fans chapter by chapter. The first was toga’s confession and deku’s preference of ochaco over toga, and now dabi’s detailed backstory.

This chapter is definitely better than the previous chapter. We’re going back to Toga confession and all for just a little bit and then we’re getting into Dabi and Shoto scene about Dabi’s backstory.

The chapter starts with Deku heading towards U.A and having a little talk with OFA 2nd user in the way. Meanwhile Toga is fed up with heroes and she is willing put an end to all this.

Later the scene shifts towards Dabi and Shoto. Dabi is watching and smiling while looking at the flames. Shouto asks why he has not returned home if he survived the fire on Sekoto Peak and Touya decides that it is finally time to reveal his backstory and everything that happened to him, the true origin of Dabi.

If you want to read the full summary of My Hero Academia manga chapter 349 then head towards our “summary article.

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