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Spy x Family Dominating Top Best Selling Manga Series Of April In Japan

The chart for top best selling manga series of April month is out for Japan and just as expected, Spy x Family is again dominating the list. There are many big manga in the list including some that recently got an anime adaptation which boosted their sales.

So, the list for top best selling manga series is out and manga sales data tracking has been made from April 4th to May 5th. Many expected popular manga are there. Some are getting dragged down as newly released anime adaptation are gaining more popularity which is definitely aiding the manga sales.

Many manga are releasing every week and some are still there as a legend like One Piece. However, a newly animated manga, Spy x Family successful surpassed all of them. Have a look at the list below:

As you can see in the list, Spy x Family is completely dominating it with having 589% more increase in sales comparing to previous month. Other manga titles like, Shikimori & Ao Ashi also saw an increase in sales after getting an anime adaptation.

One Piece is still on the top 3 best selling manga as it should be. My Dress-up Darling manga sales came down previous month, probably because the anime ended.

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