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Black Clover Chapter 332 Spoilers, Summary, Raw Scan And Release Date!

Finally, the break of three months for Black Clover manga is about to finish as the serialization of manga is starting from July 31st. Follow along the article as we covered all the spoilers, raw scan, summary, release date and everything you need to know about Black Clover chapter 332.

Author took the break to prepare for the final arc of Black Clover which begins with a time skip of one year and three months.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Spoiler, Summary And Raw Scans:

Chapter 332 is titled as “Final Declaration” and begins with Underworld, 7th gate. Lucifero mumbles about having the strongest magic. Lucius appears “indeed, but in this world us humans have the most outstanding/superior magic”

Scene cuts to post time-skip of 1 year & 3 months, where Asta is promoted to senior magic knight in a special ceremony. We’re told Yuno is already grand magic knight (but he’s away on a mission rn). Damnatio disappeared (so devil trials stagnate)- People chitchat why the Wizard King is missing (from the ceremony), someone says he has a hobby of disguising and dipping- Asta gossips that the next Wizard King is Fuego, Nozel or Mereo, but Nozel says all of that is on hold.

Fuego chats with Asta and says there are still distrustful people towards the devil’s power but Asta’s “merit” should be recognised. Fuego says he realised he just isn’t strong enough for this yet.

Yami doesn’t understand why Charlotte is acting weird near him (for the past 1 year). Finral tells him Charlotte confessed while Yami was on the verge of death. Yami sits on the toilet and ponders if Charlotte is in love with him.

Asta decides to confess to Sister Lilly (for real). He proposes but she turns him down: “you’re family… like asweet little brother to me”. Asta at last acknowledges the rejection. “Understood! However I couldn’t give up!! But I get that I can’t change people’s thoughts, that’s why please witness my unchanging oath…!! I will be Wizard King!!!”. Sister Lily says “You definitely will….!”. Lucius appears on the scene of Asta’s convo with Sister Lily. “Congratulations… You’ve reached the midpoint.” (“midpoint” means Asta has been just promoted to senior magic knight, it’s the midpoint between the rank of wizard king and junior magic knight).

Raw Scans From Black Clover Chapter 332:

Here’s Asta during the ceremony and getting promoted to senior magic knight.

All magic knights are also present in the ceremony:

Asta confessions to Sister Lily:

A panel of Noelle and Mimosa blushing:

Black Clover Chapter 332 Release Date:

As per the sources the black clover chapter 332 release date is set on 31st July 2022.

The newest Black Clover Chapter 332 is arriving on Viz website or else you can Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

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