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Hunter x Hunter Creator Shares First Manga Sketch Of Kurapika

The creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi has been updating fans by posting manga sketches every few days since the announcement of HxH return was made. And recently the creator shared the first complete character sketch of Kurapika.

After almost 3 years of break, Hunter x Hunter manga is confirmed to be returning as the author of the series is working continuously on the new chapters. Yoshihiro Togashi (creator) also opened up on his health condition a month ago which was more than enough to understand why Hunter x Hunter manga had numerous breaks.

Two months ago Yoshihiro Togashi shared the first manga sketch on his twitter account which confirmed the return of HxH and now the creator recently shared the first complete character sketch of Kurapika.

Here’s the tweet from author, featuring Kurapika sketch:

The tweet went viral right after creator posted it and fans are once again fully hyped for the return of Hunter x Hunter. Due to this tweet, Togashi & Kurapika are trending on Twitter, all fans are retweeting it and the tweet has 392k likes and 72k retweets as of writing this article.

After the manga series makes its comeback to the Shonen Jump magazine, it won’t be long till we see the Hunter x Hunter anime making a return as well.

Are you excited for the return of Hunter x Hunter and what do your think about the latest Kurapika sketch for the creator? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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