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Hunter x Hunter Officially Coming Back! Confirmed By The Creator Yoshihiro Togashi Himself

Hunter x Hunter series return has been officially confirmed by the creator ‘Yoshihiro Togashi’ himself on a new Twitter account that just blowed up with followers after posting the HxH return tweet. Fans are hyped up for the return of one of the most popular Shounen anime out there, Hunter x Hunter.

Just a few hours ago a tweet started circulating around rapidly and gained massive reach taking the account from few thousand followers to over 600k+ followers in just couple of hours. The user that made the tweet is none other than the creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi himself.

According to the Tweet, Yoshihiro Togashi has completed 6 new chapters of HxH, and now he is working on 4 more chapters. As you can see below, the tweet has a caption of “4 more chapters for the time being”, and it shows a image of rough manga panel.

As you can see the username of this Twitter account, it seems kinda sus. But thanks to the creator of One Puch Man, Yūsuke Murata. He confirmed on Twitter that the Twitter account (@Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp) belonged to Yoshihiro Togashi (HxH creator).

So, get ready for the return of one of the most popular franchise ever, Hunter x Hunter. Are you excited for its return? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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