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Is It True That Dragon Ball Super Anime Returning This Year? DBS: Season 2

It has been more than five years since Dragon Ball Super anime aired it’s last episode and since then fans are eagerly waiting for any update regarding the return of DBS. Well, it seems like some sparkles are shining up as Dragon Ball Room Head, Akio Iyoku confirms that a new DBS project is already in the works! What could it be? A new movie or the continuation of anime series?

So yesterday, a new interview came out from the Jump with Akio Iyoku (Dragon Ball room’s head) and he reveals something really interesting when asked “What are your plans now that DBS: Super Hero has been released in Japan?” He said “a new entry on the series is already in the making. Super Hero took us, five years to make so it’s only natural we’re working on what’s come next”.

Here is highlighted part from the interview with Akio Iyoku:

Is Dragon Ball Super Anime Finally Returning?

Going according to the interview, it simply means that officials have already begun working on the next project. However, it is not mentioned if it’s a movie or an anime but chances for the anime are higher as the manga has enough chapters and the franchise already got two movies and no anime yet.

What makes the return of Dragon Ball Super anime more valid is an intresting note from an another interview with ‘Dragon Ball room head’ that came out a few months ago. In the interview he said “There’s also a chance that something other than the movie will be coming this year too”.

Looking at these two hints, it is possible that the project they are working on is Dragon Ball Super anime. If that’s the case then the announcement could be made this year and the project should be released next year.

We just have to keep an eye on the anime events happening this year and there are total of four events. First one is ‘Blockbuster thank you stage greeting’ going to be held on June 25th. At the same event on April 28th 2015 Dragon Ball super anime was announced, so chances are high for this one.

Next event is Japan Expo happening in July at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s a four-day event starting from July 1-4 where notable Japanese guests and well-known faces from the anime industry will take part in.

Third event is jump victory carnival, it’s a huge event that promises to have new announcements for several popular Shonen Jump series.

The last & the biggest one is jump festa, happening in the third week of December. It is confirmed that Dragon Ball franchise is getting something new this year wether it is anime or new movie announcement.

What could the new project be? A movie or an anime? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends. We post daily anime & manga news articles, so make sure to follow us on Instagram. You can also check out our anime news page for latest updates.

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