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Vote for your favourite My Hero Academia ship

Vote for your favourite My Hero Academia ship | POLL

For several decades, Shounen Jump has been one of the biggest names in Anime and Manga. Right now, one of the biggest name in Shounen Jump is My Hero Academia, really doing great out there.

MHA isn’t some masterwork, though it does contain the work of many master craftspeople. It can be a bit shallow and predictable in places, and interesting as many of the ideas and characters it presents.

Since its anime adaptation first debuted back in 2016, it’s become a fixture in just about every space where otaku gather. A lot of people really love this series, myself included obviously and why not lol.

Its roster of characters gives people’s heroes that they can cheer for and relate to. Its epic climaxes have a way of injecting hype directly into the pleasure center of your brain.

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Anyway, we all love My Hero Academia characters and many fans also ship them together. So i made this poll of ships by fans and y’all are gonna rank them. If i forgot to add any ship then just comments, I’ll add them. Without wasting anymore time go and tap on your favourite Mha ship.

  • Which one is your favourite ship?

    • Kaminari and jirou
      Kaminari and Jiro
    • Kirishima and mina
      Kirishima and Mina
    • Todoroki and momo
      Todoroki and momo
    • Deku and uraraka
      Deku and Uraraka
    • Bakugo and uraraka
      Bakugo and uraraka
    • Dabi and Toga
      Dabi and Toga
    • All might and midnight
      All might and midnight
    • Nejire and Mirio
      Nejire and Mirio
    • Kirishima and Bakugo
      Kirishima and Bakugo
    • Bakugo and deku
      Bakugo and deku
    • Todoroki and Deku
      Todoroki and Deku

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