Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 First Half To Air As 1-Hour Special Episode!

The highly anticipated final season part 3 of the popular anime series, “Attack on Titan,” is set to air its first half in a special one-hour episode format. This was previously rumored and many fans believed it because there’s not much content to adapt from.

There are only 9 manga chapters remaining for the anime adaptation which will mark an end to this great journey.

Just In, a news surfaced from the official Twitter account of Attack on Titan anime. According to the news details:

  • Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. The part 1 is One Hour Special, scheduled for March 3!
  • The part 2 is scheduled later this year!

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the conclusion of the epic story and this announcement only adds to the excitement.

Only less than a month is remaining for the return of Attack on Titan anime. So, Don’t miss out on this epic event and mark your calendars for the one-hour special episode of “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3.”

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