Gohan’s New Form Has No Name As Of Now | Fans Call It Final Gohan Or Gohan Blanco

Gohan has his own separate fanbase in Dragon Ball franchise and the fans are eating good this year as new Dragon Ball Super movie is fully focused on Gohan and Piccolo. This movie made the ‘Gohan Blanco’ meme canon but there’s no name or explanation for Gohan’s new form in the movie. Some fans call it ‘Final Gohan’ which is nowhere in the movie.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is currently running in Japanese theaters and fans there have already seen it, some even leaked the entire movie. The movie features Gohan’s new form and two new forms of Piccolo.

Talking about new form of Gohan, the movie doesn’t explain it, so we have to wait for official articles for explanations. There are some big noticeable changes in Gohan’s new form, it has White hair, Red eyes, hair bang same as SSJ.

‘Final Gohan’ is what we’re calling Gohan’s new form and that’s the right name as @Dbschronicles confirmed in his tweet. However, we still have to wait for the name to appear in the official articles from Toei.

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