The Battle Between Endeavor & All For One Begins | My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Summary

It is finally happening! The fight between Endeavour and All For One is about to begin. In My Hero Academia Chapter 354 raw scans & spoilers, endeavor will get the chance to prove that he worthy and deserves his title of being the best. This is the perfect chance for him prove himself now against the greatest opponent.

In previous chapter 353 of My Hero Academia, the fight between Dabi and Shoto finally came to an end. Shoto defeated Dabi and hearing this news, heroes on Kamino started celebrating the defeat of blue flames.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 ended with All For One mocking Endeavor and ready to battle him. He affirm that the heroes are going to lose because they have too many people to protect.

In chapter 354, All For One is prepared to battle Endeavor and Hawk. Keep reading to know what’s happiness in the chapter.

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 354 Raw Scans, Spoilers And Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 is releasing on Sunday, May 29, 2022. But before that, the raw scans and many more things are already out. Here are some of the raw scans along with spoiler & summary:

As you can see above, Chapter 354 of the manga will showcase the fight between Endeavor and All for One.

The battle now focuses on the main enemy, All For One. Hawks and Jeanist are aiming for the face mask of AFO as that is his weakness. According to Stain, when All For One fled, he brought health support devices to help him maintain breathing. Those health support device are most likely integrated into AFO face mask. So, destroying his mask will give heroes a chance to defeat All For One.

Despite Hawks warning, Endeavor falls victim to AFO’s mind games & rushes in which proves to be fatal.

Endeavor attacks the AFO but All For One used martial arts to counter his attack. Hawks screams, telling Endeavor to cool his own head if he doesn’t want the past to repeat itself.

All For One knew it was “scratching in the right place”, and taunted Endeavor saying: “You didn’t go looking for Touya’s body that day, did you?”

Many things are about to go down in chapter 354 including the more focus in Dabi’s condition proly. The new chapter will be available on the official website of VIZ media, Shonen Jump, and Manga Plus.

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