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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Just Released A New Trailer Full Of Spoilers

The run of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is going smooth in theaters of Japan and in August it will arrive worldwide. Release date for some countries are already revealed by Crunchyroll and more are yet to be revealed. But before that, Toei legit spoiled everything in the new trailer that they released some hours ago.

Toei previously released some trailers of DBS: Super Hero but all were fine and even generated more hype because of the final villain and many more things. However, in the latest final trailer they literally spoiled Gohan’s new form, Piccolo’s Giant form and even the final villain (Cell).

Toei uploaded the trailer on their YouTube channel and also geo-blocked it. But thanks to @dbs_chronicles for uploading the sub version of new trailer on their Twitter account.

Now, this one minute trailer revealed everything that defines the movie. The trailer features Gohan new form (Gohan Beast), Piccolo’s Giant form (Piccolo Orange) and even Cell (Cell Max).

Are you excited for the movie or already watched it from the leaked version? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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  1. It’s hilarious that in one of your previous articles you insisted Gohan wouldn’t get a new form that would surpass Goku and Vegeta in this movie, only for the movie to come and that exactly happening with even Akira Toriyama himself confirming it and Gohan being stronger than even Broly. It’s like the writers saw your article and said “nah”.

    • Few things to correct, i never wrote that ‘Gohan wouldn’t get a new form’. Akira Toriyama said that Gohan is stronger than everyone, does that include Whis, Beerus? We don’t know and what Toriyama wanted to say is that Gohan has the potential to be stronger than any other. Even in the new movie Gohan gets a new form but that form can’t stand against Goku’s current Ultra Instinct or Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

      I would suggest you to read that article again cuz it seems like you misread something.

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