Taiju Shiba Orders Hakkai To Beat Takemichi Till Death | Tokyo Revengers S2 Episode 2

The Christmas Showdown arc of Tokyo Revengers just begun with season 2 and it is already taking pace. The introduction of Hakkai Shiba’s big brother, Taiju Shiba made things even worse for the Tokyo Manji Gang’s first division captain, Takemichi Hanagaki.

In the previous episode, we saw Takemichi meeting the second division vice-captain of Toman, Hakkai Shiba, who is the member of Black dragon in the future that Takemichi just came through. They both were in sync during the strike in Bowling, which made them notice each other.

They both had many other games together and Hakkai dominated Takemichi in each game. Hakkai Shiba seemed like a good guy to Takemichi, so he went on a walk with him to his house. They were unaware of the fact that Black Dragon gang members were there in front of Shiba’s house.

It is usual for gang members to have a beef with other gang. So, after Black Dragon members realised that Takemichi is not other than the first division captain of Tokyo Manji gang, they rushed to beat him. But luckily, Hakkai came in front and punched a member of Black Dragon for rushing toward Takemichi. Hakkai clarified that Takemichi is his friend and no one would pick on him. However, that did not last for long as his big brother, the leader of Black Dragon, Taiji Shiba made his debut.

Taiju Shiba Order Hakkai To Beat Takemichi

When things started getting heated up, Hakkai told Takemichi to run along with Hinata. Well, the crybaby Takemichi did try to run away but ended up getting rugged by Taiju Shiba. There was nothing Takemichi could do in his defence, even Hakkai was standing still.

After throwing some punches and kicks Taiju Shiba asked about Takemichi and hearing that he is the first division captain of Toman made him laugh. Takemichi seemed too weak to be even a regular member of a gang.

Taiju Shiba then orders him Brother to take care of Takemichi by beating him to dead. And that’s when the episode ended. We could talk about what happened next, but anime only fans would not like it. So let’s just end it here.

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