Bluma Wishes For Her Butt To Be Bigger In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is right around the corner and once again Gohan is back in the spotlight after so long. With the release of few more teasers for the movie, fans are starting to like the CGI animation used there. One thing that completely gathered fans’ attention from the teaser is the one second scene of Bulma with her lifted butt.

Y’all remember the “5 Year Younger” wish that Bulma talked about in Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie? Since the new movie DBS: Super Hero is a sequel to ‘Broly movie’ with a timeskip, Bulma will make her “5 Year Younger” wish but in a different way.

Thanks to the reliable source of our Dragon ball community, Dbs_Chronicles, we got some early spoilers of what’s going to happen in the movie. According to the spoilers, Dende tells Piccolo that he has upgraded Shenron to now grant three wishes, earlier it was two.

So, in the movie Shenron grants total of three wishes. For first wish, Bulma asks Shenron to make her butt bigger and for the second one, she asks to extend her eyelashes, and reduce wrinkles. Basically making her 5 year younger but in a different way.

As for the third wish from Shenron, Piccolo asks to unlock his potential after loosing to Gamma 2.

This specific scene of Bulma from the trailer made her trending on Twitter for long. Even the fan arts are going viral in the community and everyone is talking about the wish that she made.

There are many more intresting moments in the movie and release date is June 11 in Japan, and this Summer worldwide. Comment how much are you excited and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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